Where My Code Adventures Lead.

My academic projects have ranged from developing applications using machine learning libraries like sklearn and keras, to creating robust database systems with SQL, MongoDB, and Neo4j. These experiences have prepared me to effectively collaborate with talented teams to design, develop, and launch impactful digital products.

  • Travel Planner Platform

    Contributed to the development of a travel planning platform using MACH architecture on AWS, integrating Lambda, API Gateway, and OAuth 2.0 for robust security. Engineered features enabling users to create flight and hotel itineraries, and access real-time weather forecasts.

  • Dutch-Blitz Guide

    Collaborated with a team of three engineers to develop an interactive platform designed to teach users how to play "Dutch Blitz". Front-end developed with Angular, implementing server-side rendering using AWS Lambda


  • Sign Language Classifier

    Developed a sign language classifier in Python that conducts data preprocessing using Keras sequential model. Demonstrated expertise in image classification and practical application of convolutional neural networks

  • AI 2048-Puzzle Solver

    Engineered an intelligent agent in Python, employing adversarial search techniques using the expectiminimax algorithm. Utilized alpha-beta pruning to speed up the search process and implemented heuristic functions to evaluate board states and guide the decision-making process

  • Dynamic Web Server

    Transformed a single-process http-server into a dynamic server, enabling real-time mdb-lookup queries from web browsers. Explored latency overhead in persistent connections and optimized server performance for up-to-date results. Enhanced skills in C programming, TCP/IP protocol, and system architecture